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Soul Flower’s August workshops


Rainy season got you down? Stay indoors and craft with us as we unveil our August workshop schedule!

Basic Leather Crafting

Do you want to learn leather crafting but don’t know where to start? We’ll familiarize you with the basic tools and techniques used in the craft, while also teaching you how to create simple leather items! This introductory workshop should help you get started crafting with your own two hands, and who knows?Maybe you can even make your own gifts for your friends!

More details and registration here »

Crafting Leather Sandals

Want to make your own sandals? Tal de Guzman of Risque Design will walk you through the process of making your very own handmade sandals. Topics discussed in the workshop will range from the different types of shoes, the design process of sandal-making, and even local shoe-making jargon! At the end of this workshop you will be waltzing out of the studio with a fresh pair of shoes that you can proudly say were made by you!

More details and registration here »

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We’re bringing back another one of our old workshops this August! If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend this workshop before, now’s your chance!

Crafting Leather Bags: Sling

We’re trying out something new this August with the return of our Tote workshop’s counterpart. Crafting Leather Bags: Sling will feel familiar to those that have taken Crafting Leather Bags: Tote. But it will still feel unique enough that you will learn something new by the end of this two-day workshop!

More details and registration here »

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