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The following month is all about crafting and turning your passion into profit. Along with our usual craft workshops, we’re having the Creative Entrepreneur Workshop Series this coming October!


Taking that step in turning your hobby into something more can be very exciting! But it can also get quite tricky. Speaking from experience, being a creative entrepreneur takes more than just having the technical skills. There’s so much more involved in making a craft business work. The goal of this series is to guide would-be entrepreneurs into the ins and outs of a craft business.


Let’s start with branding.

Branding is often taken for granted. What a lot of people don’t realize is that strong branding generates sales! Let AJ Pangilinan, brand strategist and owner of Sunday Paper Co., show you how to effectively create or strengthen your brand. Register here.


How much is your product?

The last thing you want is to be short-changed for something you worked so hard for. Make sure you put the right value to your work! Hear what financial literacy advocate Gladys Jose has to say about costing and pricing at our workshop. Register here.


Don’t keep it to yourself. Show the world what you can make!

The great thing about being a creative entrepreneur at this time is that we have Internet! Make it work to your advantage; set up your webstore and make it easy for the market to reach you and your work. Iya Regalario, multimedia artist and visual communications scholar, can walk you through the steps of building your online base. Register here. 

At the heart of every craft business still is craftsmanship. So make sure you have that down pat. Take your pick from our craft workshops!

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