What We Do

We are Janina and Pat, crafters and creators of Soul Flower, Co. It is our little company's mission to inspire an artisan culture and spread the spirit of creativity through our handmade accessories and craft workshops. We had our start in 2010 as a small store of handmade bohemian accessories. Since then, we've ventured into different tools and materials in jewelry making. Five years into crafting, our curiosity spawned Studio 925 - our silversmithing studio. Our latest project is to connect makers through the Craft Collective - a themed event with workshops and a curated bazaar of handmade wares.

On this site, you'll find our handmade creations, some craft supplies, and details on our craft workshops. Silversmithing details are on studio925.ph, and if you wish to learn more about Craft Collective, you can read on our first event or contact us at craftcollectiveph@gmail.com.