Leather and Jewelry Workshops

Learn a DIY craft and discover a new hobby! We love using our hands to make, and we especially love crafting on weekends.

Spend your weekends with us at our hands-on workshops and we’ll teach you a new craft that you’ll surely enjoy. You will find that the possibilities are endless when working with quality leather. We’ll cover all the basics of leather crafting. Put your hands to work as you take on projects like making bag, sandals, pouches, and more! Why not trthe jewelry making technique of metal etching? Join this class, and we’ll teach you the basic skills and introduce the tools needed for metalsmithing. You’ll be able to make custom jewelry with brass and copper!

For private workshops and events, contact us here.
Interested in silversmithing? Check out the workshops of Studio 925. They even have a class on DIY Wedding Rings!