We at Soul Flower believe that our hands, with careful cutting and skillful needlework, can produce items that trump anything that comes from a machine or a factory. Which is why all the items in our vessels line are locally handmade here at our studio in Manila.

We also strive to make our Vessels products from the finest material we can source: Argentine vegetable-tanned leather. Unlike the more common methods of tanning , which use harmful chemicals that weaken the leather, vegetable-tanning is an artisanal method which utilizes the natural tannins found in fruits and vegetables, and gives the leather its organic look that ages gracefully. It also makes the leather more durable and therefore gives the buyer their money’s worth. Like fine wine, items from our Vessels collection will develop a unique character, their best years yet to come.

Finally, the design philosophy for our Vessels line is centered around travelling light, keeping things minimalistic; incorporating everything we deemed necessary for the traveller, discarding all the unnecessary clutter people mistakenly think is important in their journeys.